Trading Conditions

Trading Conditions and Charges

Options for every trader type by Tradegl regarding the execution and pricing.

2.5 pips
0.7 pips
2.5 pips
1.1 pips
2.7 pips
0.9 pips
4.4 pips
2.0 pips
2.9 pips
1.5 pips
2.3 pips
0.5 pips
2.6 pips
0.8 pips
2.8 pips
1.4 pips
2.5 pips
1.1 pips
2.5 pips
1.1 pips
3.0 pips
1.4 pips
3.0 pips
1.4 pips

Advertised Spreads: Variable spreads. Tradegl calculates the listed spreads from the average of the time weighted between 01/01/2014 - 05/01/2014. Not all advertised spreads will apply to referring brokers' client accounts. Traders will be provided with competitive, tight spreads to the best of Tradegl's abilities. However, market conditions are not always predictable and there are times when certain conditions can create the spreads to widen farther than the ones that are listed in this document.

Execution Disclaimer: Tradegl is the final counter party in regard to transactions of trading Forex on Tradegl's dealing desk, or execution models with no dealing desk. Tradegl quotes are the premier "bid" and "ask" quotes following the markup being applied. Markup can vary depending on liquidity provider, as well as the type of account. Markup may be affected in various ways, including rejection rates, depth of liquidity, execution quality, and network performance. Execution models on Dealing Desk provide you with Tradegl being able to act on currency pairs as the dealer. Also, backup liquidity providers can stand in when Tradegl is not acting as the dealer. Tradegl employs less liquidity providers in their Dealing Desk than the No Dealing Desk (NDD) option for execution.

There are no guarantees from Tradegl in regard to prices, quotes, or spreads being better in one form of execution than another at all times. Before deciding which execution, type is the best fit, clients are encouraged to consider all the various account factors.

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