Trading CFDs

TradeGL welcomes all traders, as well as scalpers. The ECN platform will allow traders to close CFD positions as soon as the opening session begins. Within seconds after the opening, the ECN platform permits anyone to close their CFD position.

In the past, only institutional brokers could trade gold, silver and oil commodities. Today, TradeGL has an advanced platform including direct CFD trading online. Look for your commodity symbol of interest to trade a CFD commodity. Banking institutions do not have monopoly on precious metal and commodity trading, as multiple platforms are no longer required.

Stop loss orders protect one’s position, usually triggered when the CFD attains the price you set. Furthermore, stop loss orders for CFD trading prevents stressful situations, while providing security. In similar manner profit taking orders can be set without having to constantly monitor the activity. In such cases, the level you have set is attained by the CFD with a profit. Any order can be entered into the system, without limit.

It can cost thousands of dollars and be expensive to buy the actual asset from the commodities market directly. TradeGL on the other hand, provides a leverage of 1:100 so you can trade your assets in low quantities. In this case, CFD trading costs will be greatly reduced.

Currencies are traded in what is called “pips” or 1:1000. Commodities, however, are traded in points, which are in US dollars, that's why even small changes in the price of a CFD may result in huge profits.

Remember there are gains, even when the assets fall! With TradeGL’s platform, you can short sell a position and still make a profit, even if the CFD is falling.

A low spread will have a high impact on the overall balance of CFD trading, as well as all other forms of trading. TradeGL has low spreads. This will assure you so that you can experience what a real asset market looks like.

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