TradeGL Credit Card

Tradegl is confident our newest Credit Card program will quickly become a favourite of Contract for Differences (CFD) brokers worldwide. The program’s rewards and benefits are designed to streamline the Tradegl debiting process.

Linked to other brokers’ settlement time, overall settlement time is dramatically reduced with these credit cards. The result? Incredibly rapid cash delivery. So rapid, in fact, you can eliminate balances on your Tradegl account not just the same day, but mere hours after you placed your orders.

The popular Tradegl credit card

·is valid worldwide. Use it anytime, anywhere you like.

·is accepted at all electronic banking outlets.

·can be used globally to settle payments.

·can be used to sell and buy goods and services online.

·is hack resistant, protecting your funds with a PIN code.

If you choose our credit card program, you’ll not only have easy access to your transaction record, you’ll enjoy enhanced security.

Enrol today to start enjoying the considerable advantages our Tradegl Credit Card provides.

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