Silver Account

Try Out Our Awesome Trading Platform

Traders come in all s, and 2017 is an amazing time to get your foot in the door. Starting your trading journey off at Tradegl is the perfect decision to make. We work very hard to ensure top quality with our trading tools.

What if you are a specific type of trader? Don’t worry because we provide up to 5 accounts, and at least one of them will bring you full satisfaction.

We allow you the flexibility of trading wherever you wish, regardless of your experience. If you are a beginner, then you can try out our demo platform, where you would be able to trade with virtual money, within real conditions. This demo would help you become accustomed to what it is like to be a trader.

If you are an experienced trader, then we bring several choices of accounts. You have the option of choosing micro, Standard, Silver, Gold and VIP. You can think of these accounts as stages, and of course you can move up an account as you progress through our program.

Our Silver account option comes with an amazing multilingual customer support team, and on top of that, a collection of professional traders here for your learning. Our online trading platform is like no other, and feel free to test it out with our free demo.

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