Tradegl is focused on creating better incentives for traders.
All our traders at all account levels are entitled to a minimum of one incentive and or bonus program.

There are five account levels; micro, standard, silver, gold and VIP. The Account Table provides a comprehensive comparison of the features of these accounts.

Trade for New Investors!
Through protected trades, we create a conducive trading environment for new traders.
If you are one, you can still do business in similar conditions as other experts with any of these packages.

You get up to 100 protected trades with a minimum deposit of $3000.
A deposit of $10000 earns you 300 trades!

You will be able to learn the art of money management from professional traders with time.

Signing up also grants you access to one of the most valued tools in currency trading. It will guide you on how to land profitable real-time opportunities in the market.

Try it TODAYAT $0.00 RISK!

Your investment manager can also enjoy this amazing opportunity by joining this exclusive community of traders

Bonus on Deposits!

The available bonuses vary with account levels:
Micro accounts

·Are for beginners and are entitled to 15% deposit bonuses.

The standard Accounts

·Enjoys 25%!

Silver Accounts

·Enjoys 30% bonus!

Gold accounts

·Enjoys 40% bonuses!

At the VIP account level, you become entitled to an amazing 50% bonus!

Besides the bonuses, you can earn part of the deposit back through our rebate program.

Terms and Conditions on BONUS

To withdraw the bonus amount, your account should at least $ 20,000 trading volume for each bonus dollar. Therefore, if your bonus is $200, you will only be able to withdraw when your account’s trading volume reaches $ 4,000,000.

You can withdraw your funds before hitting the required volume, but you lose the bonus amount.

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