Precious Metals Trading

Precious metals, like gold and silver, will always be an important investment and have never been worth nothing. They will always be in demand as there is a limited supply of them. This demand has kept the price of precious metals continuously growing and increasing in value at an accelerated rate when you compare it to the price increases on other common metals. In times like this, an economic uncertainty, precious metals are sure to continue thriving and survive any future economic dips.

Tradegl has a wide selection of accounts for both gold and silver trading on the renowned MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Key Elements

• Silver and gold can both be traded on the MT4
• Precious Metals can be used in your Expert Advisor strategies
• There are a large group of research tools that will help in your educational decisions on trading.
• Great Training Opportunities come from Tight Spreads
Tradegl and the best global banking companies give you a very competitive price, enjoy the tight spreads with absolutely no fees or commissions
• Generous Leverage
Leverage can be used for trading gold and silver (up to 100:1)
• Complete Support in English 24/7
Tradegl speaks your language. Contact them any time for help with making educated decisions on your trades.
• No Re-quotes
Tradegl offer on all energy products. You will never have to worry about re-quotes with the prompt trade responses.
• Hedging Capacity
You can go long or short oil on one account

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