Order types


Incentive investors who prefer to minimize transaction fees will appreciate Tradegl’s Volume Trader, a spread-plus-commission cost structure. Get the trading advantage you want with lower pricing and Tradegl’s recommended Forex trading execution, No Dealing Desk.

Pricing Structure

At Tradegl, we offer Volume Trader accounts with a spread-plus-commission pricing structure, which significantly lowers the combined transaction costs compared to a standard Tradegl trading account employing No Dealing Desk execution. The VT pricing structure benefits incentive investors trading in large amounts of currency at Tradegl by charging a lower commission for larger trade volumes.

Negotiable Commissions

Because a Volume Trader account offers incentive to investors trading large amounts of currency at Tradegl, negotiable commission charges operate on a sliding scale, depending on your monthly notional trading volume.

No Dealing Desk

Here at Tradegl, we initiated No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution for Forex transactions. Our goal was to provide an improved, more direct model than the pricing and execution model popular with most Forex-business dealing-desk brokers. We’re pleased to report we succeeded, instituting NDD execution that’s transparent and equitable, at competitive, market-driven prices.


Tradegl avoids a major trading conflict of interest by not taking a market position. This is important, because Dealing Desk brokers can actively trade against your known positions, profit as you lose, or lose when you profit. Needless to say, this provides plenty of motivation for Dealing Desk brokers who might want to manipulate your orders—e.g., by placing restrictions on stops and limits, or re-quoting your orders. Thanks to Tradegl’s NDD execution model, this is no longer an issue. The NDD price feed automatically fills your orders, giving you the best available bid and ask prices from all our liquidity providers, after Tradegl's mark-up. Your orders remain anonymous to the liquidity providers, rendering your stops, limits, or entry orders invisible. Providers only see market orders from Tradegl.

Main Advantages

·Prices are competitive and market driven

·Order execution is anonymous (price providers cannot see your stops, limits, or entry orders)

·Conflict of interest between brokers and traders is completely avoided

·Protection from re-quotes and/or dealer intervention

·Your choice of strategy (scalp, trade the news, use any EA)

·Potential price improvements on all order types

Dealing Desk

We offer Dealing Desk execution to traders primarily interested in low spreads for 12 Tradegl major currency pairs. There are, however, certain trading restrictions. In this model, Tradegl can act as a dealer—set prices and spreads for some of the currency pairs on which you trade, see your stops and limits, and potentially, profit from your trading losses. In our experience, these are common market practices amongst brokers offering Dealing Desk execution.

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