Oil Trading

Crude oil has been exchanged on the electronic Intercontinental Exchange, also known as ICE, for over a decade now. The basic exchange is called a contract. A contract would be equal to 100 barrels of crude oil. When the exchange happens, for oil, the price is quoted in United States Dollars. When the crude oil is traded as Tradegl it uses the same relative quantities as barrels with the USD as the base currency as well. To label larger quantities 1 Lot would be the equivalent of 100 Barrels.

A good way to invest would be in oil since it is the most traded energy product on the global market.

Oil prices, unfortunately, can be very unstable. Over the last couple of years, the price has fluctuated greatly, but this has created some steep price drops and increases can allow you the opportunity to a great investment opportunity.

At Tradegl they are aware of these fluctuations in the trading of oil. They study the situations that greatly affect the changes and use that to the advantage of buying in the best possible conditions for their clients.

Some Key Elements

• Oil can be traded on MT4 Platform
• Oil can be used in your Expert Advisor Strategies
• They have a broad range of tools to help in their research trading decisions
• Great Trade Opportunities happen with Tight Spreads
Tradegl and the best banking institutions from all over the globe give you the best and most competitive prices without any fees or commissions.
• Chart Trading
Tradegl can provide visualized charts of the activities making it very simple to place orders and open positions. This is an excellent option for beginners.
• Generous Leverage
Use leverage for trading oil / Up to 100:1
• Round the Clock English Support
At Tradegl we speak YOUR language. Whenever you have questions, contact our support department and we will help you with your trade.
• No Requotes
All energy products are offered on. There won’t be any money wasted away with the rapid trade executed.
• Hedging Capacity
Whether going long or short, it can all be done from the same account.

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