Managed Account

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We offer three options to make managing your clients and funds easier. Each of our options provide you with an easy feature. Our offers also include a selection of many distributing types.

You can benefit from our technology and services, in turn be able to provide an excellent transparent service to your clientele. Our technology - MetaTrader 4.0 MultiTerminal, is available for trade. Using your Master Account the technology can be traded with an Expert Advisor.

Clients can log onto their personal account and view all open positions, P&L, and trading history.

Benefits Provided:

·Unlimited amount of accounts

·Reporting system

·Supports all types of orders

·Does not support EA

·Flexible working environment

·Enables the closing of trades or currency for all accounts

Options for Allocations:

·Pre-Defined Volume

·Total Volume (Each Order)

·Equal Parts

·Equity Ratio

·Free Margin Ratio

MetaTrader 4.0 EA Enabled MAM

A unique technology system, developed by Tradegl Team, that allocates trades done by a master account at precisely the same execution prices as managing slave accounts.

How it works:

After completing the necessary paperwork and signing Power of Attorney over to your Manager; All that is left to do is set the multiplayer in relation to the Algo Trading position.



A managed account can NEVER trade a smaller position than the masters. They can trade similar or larger positions.

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