Commodities Trading

In the past only the biggest financial companies were allowed to trade with commodities in the market. This meant that regular investors who wanted to trade in commodities has to use mediums in order to access the commodities share of the market which meant huge fees per transaction. Also, since regular investors had to use mediums they were not typically informed about every detail in their portfolio.

Tradegl offers the ability to trade a very large variety of commodities. For example, Tradegl offers the chance to trade things such as Sugar, Wheat and Coffee. The commodity market today has a tendency to focus on the price of things such as energy and different metals. Another example is crude oil, which is a critical commodity for almost every country on the planet. With Tradegl you can finally have access to trade commodities such as oil and gold which has always been an indicator of how strong the current global economy is.

Whenever the global market is in flux, investors typically place their money in stable assets such as gold. Across the world, gold is seen as a precious metal and has been used as a trading commodity for thousands of years. Gold is seen as a security because of a currency falls gold will always be valuable.

Tradegl gives you the chance to trade over different markets at the same time and inside one portfolio. Our professional analysts will help give you the information that you need to succeed in the competitive market of commodity investments.

Key Elements

·Ability to trade on both MT4

·Ability to use commodities in your strategies

·We offer a large variety of research options to help you with your choices

·Tight spreads amount to an amazing trading opportunity

·Chart trades

·English language support 24/7

·No Re-quote fees

·Capacity for Hedging

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