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Autochartist automatically generates comprehensive Chart Pattern reports, including Triangles, Wedges, Tops, and Bottoms. Automatically illustrated, the forecast range on completed patterns includes expected price levels.

Our Key Levels tool provides critical information on key trends—e.g., horizontal support and/or resistance encountered at major price points—and notifies you whenever you approach or breach one of those levels.

Autochartist can detect Fibonacci patterns from uncomplicated extensions, replacements, and ABCD constructions, as well as from more complex Gartley and Butterfly patterns.

A summary of performance statistics allows you to determine the success of your trade setups for the past six months. Analysis includes finalized Chart Patterns, breakout Key Levels, and impending Key Levels.

Volatility Analysis familiarizes you with your preferred markets’ and instruments’ specific performance, identifying daily most volatile periods and applicable exit levels to pinpoint the most effective instruments for your chosen level of risk.

Stay on top of the market, get essential economic updates:

Autochartist offers a 24—48 hour Market Snapshot e-mail forecast; three daily reports on markets like Forex and Commodities; and daily reports on Tokyo, London, and New York exchanges.

Subscribing to economic e-mail alerts also nets notification of upcoming events in the Asia, European, and US sessions.

Join the Autochartist Trading Community.

Click the Community Tab to access videos on how to use and customize your Autochartist. The online user manual includes helpful links to e-books and other resources—e.g., which instruments your broker covers—so bookmark it for quick reference.

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